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Create your own softbox — Round 2

It seems that quite some people find my blog thru the topic Create your own softbox So I thought to my self; well I could try to keep you here or I supply you lot with some good links to other topics with DIY softboxes. I choose the latter, so here we go:

Most of those links require you to buy something in a store you usually don’t have around the house. You don’t have to follow their instructions step b step of course. For instance, take the last link, they used hook-and-loop fasteners but you could also just use a stapler. What I’m saying is be creative! Fast, quick and easy solutions are sometimes the best (I said sometimes! Not all the time ;))

I also found this reflector to be pretty cool. Anyway good luck with making your own equipment!


Project 365

MacToday I was wondering about what kind of project I could start my self and at the same time help out others. I came to the conclusion I’d kick off Project 365 I’ve been wanting to do for quite a long time. You might wonder “what’s that about dude?”. Well I was gonna tell you, chillio! You might already guess what this about and you’ve probably seen it before, in some form at least. Simply said; I will take a picture of a random object, scene or person and tell you how I’ve created it, what kind of lighting techniques I’ve used and all about the post processing of the image.

I’ll also be limiting my self to using 1 strobe (Nikon SB600) and, if available, normal everyday lights you have around the house, of course I’ll be using reflectors if I need them. Here’s a list off photography equipment I will be using (it’s a short list):

  •  dSLR (d’uh!)
  • Light stand
  • Umbrella (white shoot thru)
  • a Strobe

That’s all! Everything else will be self made (we go DIY style!). The reason I’m limiting my self to these items is to show you that you can create awesome photo’s with minimum equipment. Oh and of course, when I create some self-fabricated softbox I’ll show you how it’s done.

So why am I doing this? First off all, I start this project to learn a long the way, hopefully develop new skills and techniques while I try to educate you for free! How cool is that? The first one will be about the keyboard as shown above, so stay tuned till Monday about how it’s done.

I’m going to start on this project next Monday (November 16th 2009) so stay tuned for epic “making-offs” 😉


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