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Four photography plugins you must have

Hello everybody and welcome to yet another shitty rainy day (fuck, you gotta love this country).

Today I’ll have a couple of awesome “free” (what’s free these days?) software plugins and standalone software goodies. The reason I’m only featuring free software is because I don’t have money to buy expensive software.

So lets jump at ’em!

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Creating the Urban effect on your pictures

I’m a big fan of dramatic urban-stylish pictures and today I tried out a few new tricks I learned in Photoshop. It’s actually a rather easy process to give your pictures that Urban look.

The first thing you’ll have to do is find a picture you like and open it op in Photoshop (if you’ve taken the picture in RAW you’ll have a benefit, however I won’t be discussing the process of RAW today). I used a picture of Angelina Jolie I found on google.

Once you’ve opened it in Photoshop duplicate the layer (CMD + J on Apple, CTRL + J on Windows). Once you’ve duplicated the layer you’ll have Angelina (or any other image) twice. Next we’re going to desaturate the top layer (CMD + Shift + U) and we’ll have our image in black and white.

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