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Project 365 — MacBook Keyboard

This is the very first post in series Project 365. As I’ve promised, I’ll be featuring one photo each day and explaining how I photographed the object or person. The introduction can be found here incase you want to read back. As I’ve said last time, the keyboard from the introduction will be the first in the series. The reason I choose my MacBook is because it looks lovely. I love the whiteness. It’s simple, it does everything I ask and it looks just beautifull.


Exposure 1/80 sec at f/5 ISO 200 +0.3EV flash correction and used the strobe in iTTL mode.

The photo was taken in the kitchen of my girlfriend and didn’t require much equipment, in fact it only took my strobe  and my on-camera flash — nothing else! I’ve used the screen of the laptop as reflector to bounce some light (glossy screen). I triggered my off camera flash with the build in Nikon Commander mode of my D300S.


The set-up was really easy, I placed my MacBook on the kitchen table my flash was positioned on the right side of my MacBook and I used a STO-FEN OmniBouncer to diffuse some of the light. I used the reflected light that bounced on the glossy screen to fill in some of it’s shadows.


I hardly did any post-production except I cropped the image a little bit to get a nicer composition. Because I also used my on camera flash my lens created a shadow so I had to crop that out as well 🙂 Of course I also tweaked the image slightly in Lightroom. I corrected the exposure slightly by half a stop.


I think the result is pretty nice. The object is nothing fancy but the image is nice to look at nonetheless. You can see, with some effort you can go a long way. The next image will be a little bit fancier and I already have some ideas for tomorrow. I won’t give away what it will be yet. I had it planned for today, but as I said last week I’d be featuring the keyboard I’ll save it for tomorrow. So go on and try some of your own stuff and remember to think simple. Take any object that seems interesting and photograph it. Try things as you go along; position it in a different way, bounce some light to fill in those shadows or put a sheet of paper under it to bring out the object more, be creative and improvise!



Hey everyone! This is my first attempt at blogging about photography.

Who am I?
I’m an enthusiastic photographer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Currently not making a living as a photographer but as a Ruby on Rails developer instead. Currently I’m looking for a new place to live in or around Amsterdam with my girl friend!

My gear
I recently bought a new Nikon D300s and I absolutely love it! With it I also bought a new Nikor 18-200mm ED VR II + a 72mm UV lens. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy my new speedlite this weekend (SB600 with a diffuser), but that will have to wait for now! 🙂

My goals
I’d absolutely like to get better at photography in general, but my goal is to eventually become a pro-wedding photographer. And soon I’ll have to get my portfolio up and running, already created a new design for it (ah yes I also do a little bit of web design!) and looks pretty stunning.

Anywho, enough for now. Back to work …