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Create your own softbox — Round 2

It seems that quite some people find my blog thru the topic Create your own softbox So I thought to my self; well I could try to keep you here or I supply you lot with some good links to other topics with DIY softboxes. I choose the latter, so here we go:

Most of those links require you to buy something in a store you usually don’t have around the house. You don’t have to follow their instructions step b step of course. For instance, take the last link, they used hook-and-loop fasteners but you could also just use a stapler. What I’m saying is be creative! Fast, quick and easy solutions are sometimes the best (I said sometimes! Not all the time ;))

I also found this reflector to be pretty cool. Anyway good luck with making your own equipment!


Wednesday Weekly – 5 Interesting blog posts


Wednesday Weekly

Welcome to the first Wednesday Weekly {WW}. Let me exlpain what this is all about; each week I’ll be featuring 5 interesting links to other bloggers — mostly about photography — and hopefully supply you with some interesting reading material.


Today I’ll have Free WordPress themes related to photography, mistakes we have made as amateur photographers, Hawt Hawt flashes, oldie photo’s with the gimp and Mother Russia Lomo Photo techniques. Enjoy!

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Creating your own softbox

Ever seen one of those pictures where you thought to yourself; “Wish I had the equipment to take pictures like that”? Well, guess what — you can!!!
We’ve probably all been reading Strobist and/or DIYphotography. Lets go down that road, because trust me; you can DIY!

Yesterday I did my first attempt to create my own softbox and I may say I actually succeeded at making one! The whole process took me 15 to 20 minutes (twas a quicky!).

What you need:

  • Carbon box (preferably larger then 30 cubic cm) (get it for free, we’re on to cheap today!)
  • Aluminium foil (€2,- or less)
  • Sheet of white cloth (Old clothes, T-shirt, your moms/dads/gf/bfs over sized underpants (mind the skid marks!))
  • A strobe (I may certainly hope you have one! I have a Nikon SB-600)

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