My name is Jeffrey Wilcke and I currently live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I’m enthusiastic semi-pro photographer making a living with building and developing websites. I work for a company called Noxa in Hoofddorp where they build all the magic stuff that happens on the web (We dig Ruby on Rails!). Currently I’m working on my portfolio and hopefully I will be doing my first wedding photo shoot soon!

I try, in the weekends, to make some extra cash with photography. Unfortunately the weekends alone aren’t enough, I do too little with something I love so much. At the moment I’m developing my new portfolio and hopefully I’ll be able to put that online soon!

I started photographing when I was 21. I started out as programmer on the age of 17, however my creative mind couldn’t cope with that alone! I had to do something creative, luckily my mom bought a new DSLR (Canon 350D) which I started to use soon after. I fell in love from that moment on. Strange enough I never noticed my passion for photography even though, wherever we were, I was taking the pictures and, of course, loved doing so.

Now .. welcome to my world!

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