Weekly Wednesday – 5 interesting links

It’s that day .. or well not really, but lets pretend it is, or perhaps we shouldn’t since that would mean it aint weekend soon enough .. whatever. Anywho, yeah, this post is late but did you see my apologies? Anyway today I’ll have a couple very interesting links to equipment, some photoshop techniques and general photography techniques.

The fast and the furious

Over at DIYphotography some dude did some amazing High Speed Photography. You should definitely check it out. I tried to do it my self but I just couldn’t get it right. I wont even bother you with the results, they sucked.

Stop taking pictures, start creating images

Well the title might seem a little bit dodgy, but it’s definitely a good read. It might seem common sence but he’s actually right, stop taking pictures because you can and think for a moment what you’re actually trying to achieve. That post won’t make you a better photographer perse, but I think his approach might actually do you some good in one way or another. Set goals and when you go out to photograph, imagine you’re photographing for some made-up client.


This might look like some advert but it actually isn’t. I’ve been wanting to buy studio lights, something affordable and everyone recommends Alien Bees. Unfortunately there ain’t a reseller here in Europe which sells AB, and neither AB them self ship international. So I’ve been looking around to get something else instead in the same quality/price range. I’ve sought long and tiresome but I think I’ve actually found decent, affordable studio lights. I’ve been looking at reviews about those prosumer strobes and everyone that’s bought them seems pretty happy with them. I want those D-Light400, they seem absolutely awesome! The cool thing is that every accessory you buy can be used on whatever upgrade you might buy. So want bigger guns, no worries, your old accessories are still usable!

Tone mapping

Want to get in to HDR photography? Take a look at this link, it will get you started. And while you are there, check out that image all the way at the bottom, that looks awesome!

Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher is an Australian Landscape photographer and his photo’s are pretty stunning. Besides images he has some pretty interesting everyday blog posts including ranting about environmental issues 🙂

So that was it for this week’s Weekly Wednesday Thursday. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Oh and before I forget, check out Zeitgeist the movie if you haven’t already … society man!!!!

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