Weekly Wednesday — 5 interesting links

Welcome to the second edition of Weekly Wednesday! Today we’ll have a couple of links to tutorials, print services and other interesting topics for your reading pleasure. So lets get right at them and skip the ****

Butterfly Effect

Over at digital-photography-school.com Christina N Dickson wrote an interesting post about how to achieve the butterfly/clamshell effect/technique. I won’t join the fight whether this is called butterfly or clamshell ‘cuz quite frankly I couldn’t care less. It’s an interesting read, so go ahead and check it out.


I just love the word Bokeh, it sounds funny and weird in a way. But with some good practice you can create really beautiful effects. A guy over here at a blog wrote a bit about it and how to create your own bokeh. So go a head over to his blog and see what he has to say — Oh and the post is from January this year, so yeah it’s a little bit old, but interesting nevertheless!


Snapfish is a new printing service by HP. I haven’t tried out their prints yet but the cool thing is that it works with Flickr. The fact that it works with Flickr isn’t really unique but it works for European countries as well! Us Dutchies have our own snapfish.nl website so we can now order our flickr images (or perhaps someone else his, if allowed)! So check out their site! And if you’ve ever ordered images at Snapfish, please share your opinion!

The ‘spider-man’

I’ve had so much fun reading this guy his posts and I have a feeling you will too! I know it’s not even closely related to photography but this guy is just too funny to go unnoticed. What he basically does is he just .. well let me not spoil all the fun, go check it out your self!

Seemless White

I love Elizabeth Halford’s work (link to her blog) and I think she inspires many of us with her photography. She’s also a writer over at digital-photography-school.com and she wrote a very interesting article about Seemless white backgrounds. It’s a pretty recent post and if you’re a frequent DPS reader you probably already read it. For those that haven’t here is the link.

That was it for this week’s Weekly Wednesday! I hope the links were of any use to you and hopefully you a had a good laugh at the ‘spider-man’ his posts. Next week there will be another {WW}, so hopefully I’ll see you then!

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