Project 365 — All stars

All stars

Exposure 1/200 sec at f/3.5 ISO 200 focal length 18mm flash 1/10

You’re still following me? That’s awesome! Today I’ll be featuring nothing less then my own pair of shoes! I love my All Stars; they are comfy, they look nice, I can wear them where I ever I go, they keep my feet warm and dry. So all in all, they deserve to be featured here!

The idea

The idea is quite simple, just photograph my shoes! No, I wanted to photograph my shoes against a black background. There was however one problem, I didn’t have anything around the house which was black and could be used as background, or so I thought. I used my computer as the background. It’s black, and that’s what I needed.

The set-up

The set-up was dead easy. Once again I used my strobe with with Omni. I positioned on left side of the shoes next to the computer. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything black to put the shoes on for a much better effect. Well better luck next time. Anywho, I used a very small focal length of 18mm. I only wanted light from the left side to create a dramatic look, I went for harsh shadows on the right side leaving the rest of the shoes in the dark.

Post process

I actually didn’t do much to the image. I’ve actually been that cheesy and used a Lightroom Preset — Creative – B&W High contrast.

The result

Well I love my shoes and therefor the image is good looking! If you disagree with me, you’ll have to face my wrath!

Sorry for this quicky, unfortunately I didn’t have much time. Tomorrow will hopefully be a bit better 🙂

  1. Great image and enjoyed the process of getting the image. Thanks!

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