I shot the piggyyy

Today I did a couple of test runs for Project 365 and it actually went pretty good! I created an improvised studio and shot me and my gf’s saving piggy. I only used one strobe on a light stand with a shoot thru umbrella, a silver umbrella as reflector and a normal lamp.

I placed the piggy on a small glass table, placed the normal lamp below it, shining upward thru the glass against Miss Piggy’s belly. My light stand with shoot thru umbrella was placed front right of the camera shooting at 1/10th power. The silver umbrella was on the left side of the piggy.

Here is the set up:
How I shot Miss Piggy

After a couple of shots I had the composition I wanted and tweaked the image a little bit in Lightroom. Here is the final result:
Miss Piggy

As you can see it looks pretty decent and only required minimal equipment. This is exactly the kind of stuff you may expect next week in P365. Hope you liked it!!!

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