Wednesday Weekly – 5 Interesting blog posts


Wednesday Weekly

Welcome to the first Wednesday Weekly {WW}. Let me exlpain what this is all about; each week I’ll be featuring 5 interesting links to other bloggers — mostly about photography — and hopefully supply you with some interesting reading material.


Today I’ll have Free WordPress themes related to photography, mistakes we have made as amateur photographers, Hawt Hawt flashes, oldie photo’s with the gimp and Mother Russia Lomo Photo techniques. Enjoy!

1. Free WordPress photography themes.

This guy over here is featuring some interesting themes for WordPress designed for photographers. Best of all, it’s all free!

2. Five embarrassing photography mistakes.

Interesting post about 5 embarrassing photography mistakes. I think we’ve all been there, at least I have! Especially No. 1 and 3! Link to the blog post can be found here

3. Discolored flash

The latest blog post by the Strobist is about “Hot Flashes”. I never really thought about the fact it’s actually possible to melt your flash or have melting flash gels. He explains:

Hold a piece of printer paper right next to the front of your flash and set off just one, full-power pop. Now smell the paper. That would be a burning smell. From just one pop.

If your gel has melted all is not lost. I know this is not a link to a blog post, but it’s worth mentioning

4. Vintage photo’s with The Gimp

While reading Iffles blog — Thanks again for the link Stargazer — I found an interesting Gimp plugin review. Since I’m a sucker for vintage the link caught me attention. Iffles describes over here how to create vintage photo’s with a Gimp Plugin called Vintage Look.

5. Make your photo’s look like Lomo

Last but not least, how to make your photo’s look Lomo. Much like the previous link, here’s a link to another tutorial on how to make your photo’s — fuck, 3rd time — look Lomo.
I hope you’ve enjoined the first {WW}. Stay tuned for next week’s awesome links, techniques and what not.

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