Creating your own softbox

Ever seen one of those pictures where you thought to yourself; “Wish I had the equipment to take pictures like that”? Well, guess what — you can!!!
We’ve probably all been reading Strobist and/or DIYphotography. Lets go down that road, because trust me; you can DIY!

Yesterday I did my first attempt to create my own softbox and I may say I actually succeeded at making one! The whole process took me 15 to 20 minutes (twas a quicky!).

What you need:

  • Carbon box (preferably larger then 30 cubic cm) (get it for free, we’re on to cheap today!)
  • Aluminium foil (€2,- or less)
  • Sheet of white cloth (Old clothes, T-shirt, your moms/dads/gf/bfs over sized underpants (mind the skid marks!))
  • A strobe (I may certainly hope you have one! I have a Nikon SB-600)

Take your strobe and hold it to the backside of your carbon box and draw around it (just the head, hmmkay), cut it and voila, you have your mount for your strobe. The next step will be to layer the inside of your carbon box with Aluminium foil so it will even out your strobe’s output throughout the whole box.

If you have the urge to test out your soon-to-become-softbox, put in that strobe and do some test shoots. (Word of caution, don’t look directly in to the softbox while your flash goes off, or else you may find out the meaning of flash-bang).

Next up is your cloth, cut out a square large enough so it fits over the opening of your softbox. There’re several techniques for attaching your cloth, you could use glue, tape or, if you want to do it all neater use hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro or whatever brand). Remember what I said about using those oversized underpants (including skid marks)? I didn’t say it for nothing. Skid marks make nice cookies!!

Erm — Anyway fasten up that cloth, put your strobe in the back thru the hole, position it somewhere near an object or person and try out a few shots! What  did I tell you in the beginning of this post — You can DIY! Enjoy your newly home-made soft-box (It’s okay to be proud, there’s no shame!)

I’m curious what kind of master piece you’ve created!

  1. November 13th, 2009

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